So, where shall we go?

Welcome to my most loved locations

I consider myself a coastal photographer and I can not wait to meet you here. I have narrowed down these three sweet little spots and they are my absolute favourites. These are the special ones, the ones that I have fallen in love with over the years. Each perfectly compliments my personal style of photography and editing in the most beautiful way.

All locations are south of Fremantle.

The Salt Lakes

The Sandy Dunes + Beach

The Grassy Dunes

(The beach here is not suitable to shoot, so we will stick to these stunning dunes)

Please know...

These locations are all south of Fremantle. These stunning coastal locations have been selected by me as they compliment my photography and editing style. From the dunes to the ocean, the beaches I offer will give you the very best outcome with minimal on lookers, great parking and easy beach access for small children and expecting mothers.