Here we are! The best part.

It is time to select your most loved images

Your package includes 40 digital images.

The images that you see in your selection gallery are almost complete, but not quite! They have all been softly edited to give you an idea of what the final product will look like. Your selected images will be hand edited and finished off with my signature style. This may include where required edits to the crop, colour and minor retouching where needed, such as people in the background, scratches and bruises etc.

I'd love to have your selections back within 7 days from the date that I send you your selection gallery so that I can completely your beautiful gallery for you. To help you with this process, I have outlined below what I feel is the best way to decide on your top 40.

If you simply can not stop at 40, additional individual digital downloads are $25 each if you choose to select any extras from your gallery.

If you wish to keep the entire gallery you can, the fully gallery price is an additional $295. If you chose this option, you will not need to select any images in your gallery or choose favourites, simply purchase the full gallery in your print store.


This is the fun part! Grab your favourite person, a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Open your gallery and browse through your images together soaking up all of the love and memories that we captured during your session.


As you scroll though, select your stand out favourites along the way using the little heart icon on each image. My advice is to scroll through your gallery a few times and heart every single image that you love. Focus on the emotion in the image rather than the editing as we know the final touches (where required), will happen later. You can narrow them down further in the next step.


Pop into your favourites list to see all of your most loved images in one place. Look through them all again and narrow them down to your top 40 images by deselecting the heart icon.


Now that you have narrowed down your selection to your absolute favourite 40, tap 'Share' and 'Send to Photographer'. I will get to work perfecting your images ready for your final gallery!

5| So you couldn't pick just 40?

Pop into your print store and select from All Photos Download or Single Photo Download. For additional 'Single Photos' select the photos you wish to add to your package and don't forget to send me your 40 favourited images too.

You do not need to make any additional selections or send me your favourites when purchasing 'All Photos'.

Follow the checkout process and once finalised I will get to work on your final gallery!