What should I dress myself and my children in?

What to wear is always the biggest question I get asked, and rightly so! The outfits you choose make a big impact on the final images. So, I have put together a few tips to help you get ready for your upcoming Mother's Day Mini Session!

Colours, textures and style: I personally love whites, creams and neutrals (think tan, sand, pink, peach). These colours will remain timeless and suit the decor of most homes - yes you need to consider your prints on the walls! Consider the location too. Neutrals, sage green and blue compliment the beach and white sandy dunes. Its a big no to heavy dark colours such as black and navy as well as bright or loud colours. These colours do not photograph well. Avoid characters and large logos, these also do not photograph well. Textures can be beautiful, such as knits, lace, linen or tulle. When it comes to patterns I suggest less is more, petite patterns or patterns that compliment and do not distract from the outfit and overall scene are perfect.

My advice when it comes to chosing outfits is to dress mum first! Once you have an outfit that you love and feel great in you can coordinate the rest of the family from there. It is a lot harder to find something that you love when it needs to compliment the kids outfits that you have already invested in. Kids look adorable in just about anything! I want you to feel amazing.

For multiple family members make sure that their outfits compliment each other. If they are all wearing white, is it the same shade of white, bright white, off-white, ivory, cream? Do they look like they are part of the same environment, and the same season (is everyone dressed for winter or summer, casual or formal). Outfits that are mismatched in this way will not look cohesive. Remember although the weather is warm now, May evenings can be a little chilly, a nice chunky knit is not only adorable but very handy in keeping the kids warm and happy.

Make sure that you and your kids can move around with ease. You want clothing that fit well. We will be moving, twirling, sitting, standing, kneeling, ticking, dancing and just all round having the best time. You want your family to be able to move freely without straps falling down, shirts bunching up and underwear showing. Make sure that underwear colours are correct, bra straps are covered and that they can sit comfortably in skirts.

Babies in dresses I recommend nappy covers underneath so that we don't see their nappy in the shots. I personally love babies in rompers!

Some of my favourite places to shop -

  • Target
  • Cotton On
  • BigW
  • Seed
  • Best + Less
  • Arabella + Rose
  • Bonnie + Harlo
  • Aubrie Australia
  • Bella + Lace

Footwear: There is no need for shoes in the dunes - so that's pretty easy hey! Just remember to bring some shoes to walk through the car park.

The Little Details: Let's not forget all the little things that go into making your images look amazing. Accessories are a gorgeous finishing touch. Hair ribbons/bows/headbands, bowties etc. And don't forget, clean teeth and faces. Neat hair. Clean bare feet! (We absolutely do not want black, dirty soles) Tidy nails with no chipped nail polish, thats kids and adults. Chipped nail polish can really impact the overall details in the image.

Bonus Tips: These ones are not so much outfit related but a few little tips that I like to give my clients.

  • Don't surprise your children with the photoshoot, prep your children ahead of time. Treat it like an exciting event that they are attending. Let them know that your friend Dani is going to be taking their photos and it is going to be so much fun!! Talk about the location and what they might see there. My sessions are fun and playful, they are designed to be interactive and candid.
  • Even I have to bribe my girls sometime, so if a little post shoot treat, extra screen time or trip back to the beach/park is needed, I say do it!
  • Try your outfits on before photo day! You don't want any surprises if they don't fit well or don't look like you thought they were going to look in your mind.
  • Plan ahead, as timing is essential. I recommend having your outfits pressed and accessories laid out ready to go the day before your session. The less stress from you on shoot day the better your kids will feel about the experience.
  • Mum, you get ready first and as early as possible to avoid any stress caused by that last minute rush. Then assist your children to get ready. Take the time to do your hair and makeup without being flustered. We want this shoot to be about you!
  • I suggest arriving a tad early and getting your children dressed once you arrive at the beach if your outfits are likely to get crushed by the car seat or dirty during the drive.
  • Kids with full tummies are happy kids! Plan an early dinner/late afternoon tea. If little ones need a car snack on the way choose something that won't stain their teeth and skin like cut up apple or pear.
  • Last but not least. Remember to have fun! Be present, and enjoy the moment. Love on each other. And let your kids personalities shine.